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2020 candidate demands that Trump cancels ALL rallies, as they ‘breed bigotry’

If this is how the left wants to attract voters, it’s going to be a long 14 months to November of 2020.

If you should find yourself out on the campaign trail, attempting to secure your party’s nomination for the 2020 election, it seems as though the only really necessity is a disdain for all-things-Trump.

Carry that “resistance” card proudly, and you too can find yourself with the adoration of the liberal masses, from San Francisco’s feces-soaked streets to the oh-so-Bohemian power outages of New York City.

And, the more verbose and vitriolic your hatred of the President is, the more attention you are likely to garner.  After all, attempting to capture the nomination of the democratic party is little more than a progressive popularity contest.

This tactic has been a favorite of Cory Booker, who this week attempted to insinuate that Donald Trump’s reelection rallies should be banned.

In a statement, Erin Turmelle, the New Hampshire state chair for Booker’s campaign, declared:

“Two days before Cory Booker returns to New Hampshire, [President] Donald Trump is planning to hold a rally in Manchester. As we’ve seen repeatedly over the last few years, these rallies serve as a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire white nationalist attacks like the one in El Paso on Saturday. They are despicable and have no place in New Hampshire, or anywhere in our country. That is why Trump must cancel this rally.

“Instead, Trump should call on Congress to take meaningful action on gun legislation. If he needs ideas, Cory Booker has the boldest plan of anyone to address gun violence, including by creating a federal licensing program that evidence shows is highly effective. But he could start with the background checks passed by House Democrats in February.

“What’s overwhelmingly clear is that Trump coming to New Hampshire will only stoke further dangerous acts and threaten America’s safety. Our country deserves better in the Oval Office.”

President Trump this week called for unity within America, condemning hatred, bigotry, and white nationalism by name – a fact that many democrats are ignoring in their attacks on the Oval Office.


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