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2020 candidate ready on to move to handguns after mandatory ‘assault rifle’ buybacks

The total hypocrisy of the liberal left is on full display during the 2020 election cycle.

There is something inherently hypocritical about the “resistance” and their loathing of the Second Amendment.

You see, these are the folks who carry with them an undeniable disdain for President Trump, and all republicans at that.  They’ve spent years claiming that Donald Trump is literally Hitler, and that his election would lead us into tyranny.

As we all know from our history books, the Founding Fathers believed that the Second Amendment was the only surefire way to battle authoritarianism.  So why is the left so obsessed with removing this safeguard at a time when they themselves falsely but wholeheartedly believe that we are headed in that direction?

The answer lies in their wanton desire to appeal to any fringe group of Americans who’ll vote for them.

This is the strategy that 2020 hopeful Eric Swalwell is banking on, having already indicated that his election to the Oval Office would bring a mandatory “assault rifle” buyback program into existence.

And it doesn’t look like he’s stopping there.

During an appearance on CNN’s SE Cupp Unfiltered, Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell made clear he has a plan for handguns he will pursue after AR-15s are confiscated.

Swalwell, when confronted with the fact that only a tiny sliver of “gun murders” are attributed to “assault rifles”, provided a startling response.

Cupp pointed out that “assault weapons” are involved in “less that five percent of gun murders” in America. She then asked Swalwell why he is “stopping at ‘assault weapons’ …and not confiscating handguns, which account for the vast majority of gun deaths.”

Swalwell made clear he also has a plan for handguns, but he is focused on getting rid of “assault weapons” first.

The candidate’s aggressive plan to effectively nullify the Second Amendment could very well be his downfall in the election, with the nation knowing full well that such a campaign promise would be nearly impossible to fulfill once in office.

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