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2020 democratic candidate applauds John Dean’s congressional Vaudeville act

When you’re sitting this low in the polling, the desperation becomes palpable.

The state of affairs in Washington DC this week has been rife with absurd partisan showmanship this week, and the democrats are rolling around in it like a pig in mud.

The never-ending “resistance” rhetoric was ratcheted up to ridiculous proportions yesterday when congressional democrats called former White House counsels John Dean to testify before the American people.

Of course, it should be noted that Dean was a White House staffer under President Richard Nixon – not President Trump.

The idea was a simple one for the democrats.  They planned to use John Dean as a prop, much in the way that CNN has paid him to be, to draw whatever comparisons between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon that they could lead him into.  At one point, Republican Matt Gaetz even joked that perhaps a Ouija Board would be employed next in order to communicate directly with Nixon himself.

It was a stunt, pure and simple, but that hasn’t stopped democrats from latching on to this “scandal marketing” scheme.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on Tuesday was asked to rate former Nixon White House counsel John Dean’s performance in highlighting President Donald Trump’s wrongdoing.

Swalwell gave the act an “eleven out of ten”, belying his own misunderstanding of the situation.

He went on:

“It’s said often that history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes, and we heard a lot of rhymes yesterday when you put in perspective what the Trump administration has done in just, you know, three short years compared to what we saw during the Nixon administration,” Swalwell told host [CNN host] Alisyn Camerota. “And it also lays the foundation for where we need to go next to make sure we hold this president accountable and that more lawlessness does not pervade our country.”

Democrats have now stooped to using name and word association tactics in an effort to sway their base into the idea of impeachment – something that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long believed to be a futile and dangerous effort.

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