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2020 Democratic Candidate Calls for MANDATORY ‘Assault Rifle’ Buyback Program

To top it off, the candidate believed that the buybacks would be “constitutional”.

With nearly 20 democrats already in the race for the White House in 2020, there are bound to be some who struggle to stand out.

Bernie Sanders has no issue.  At this point in time he is considered the front-runner by some margin, thanks to his previous efforts in 2016 and, no doubt, by the scorned feeling that many of his supporters had during that contest.

Others, like Joe Biden, near nary an introduction, having been all over the mainstream media in recent days due to a developing scandal regarding his inability to stop touching people in places they don’t want to be touched.

But Eric Swallwell, Democratic Senator from California, has been a bit lost in the ether.  He’s been eclipsed by the bigger candidates, and their bigger stories, for weeks.

Now, that could all change, as Swallwell unveils a new tenet of his political beliefs:  That Americans should be forced to participate in a buyback program for their “assault” rifles.

Mr. Swalwell, a Democrat from northern California and member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, penned an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday promising to end the “failure of leadership” in trying to end gun violence.

“I will work to enact universal background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases, take guns away from domestic abusers, invest in gang-prevention programs, push states to adopt gun violence restraining order laws, and remove weapons of war from our communities completely,” Mr. Swalwellwrote.

He went on to propose a mandatory federal buyback of all “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.”

Swallwell went on to make a peculiar claim:  That these mandatory buybacks would be part of a constitutionally-sound policy package.

Of course, any infringement on the right to bear arms would be considered unconstitutional by default, having clearly violated the inalienable right handed down to us from our Founding Fathers, who, by the way, used that right to fend off the most powerful military in the world back in 1776.

Under Mr. Swallwell’s plan, the American people would have no right to defend themselves should a threat foreign or domestic come calling.

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