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2020 Keeps Getting Weirder: Giant Dust Cloud Headed Toward United States

It’s not quite at menacing as “murder hornets”, but this news certainly doesn’t feel out of place here in 2020.

The year 2020 is certainly going to be one for the record books…and we’re still less than halfway to the hilt.

The year began ominously as China dealt with a deadly virus outbreak the only way that they know how:  By suppressing information, making whistleblowers disappear, and setting the rest of the world up for abject failure.  Soon, the entire globe was feeling the effects of COVID-19 and, even as we approach July, there are concerns that we are far from the end of this mess.

Then, as we began to acquiesce to whatever this “new normal” was going to be in terms of coronavirus, Washington State discovered that they had been invaded by “murder hornets”, whose sting was capable of killing a human being.

There were also a couple of World War III scares in the mix, both at the beginning of 2020 involving Iran and the USA, and just days ago during deadly clashes between China and India.

To top it all off, Americans are currently in the thick of a cultural revolution surrounding racial equality that has, at times, turned violent.

So, what else does 2020 have in store for us?  How about an “abnormally large” Saharan sand storm that looks to be headed straight for the East Coast of America.

An “abnormally large dust cloud” from the Sahara is making about a 5,000-mile trek across the Atlantic, heralding the chance of red sunrises and sunsets across the Gulf Coast and suppressing tropical development in the Atlantic Basin. However, it may also pose a possible health hazard to those living along the Gulf coast.

Although it isn’t uncommon for the Trade Winds to carry dust from the Sahara to the Gulf Coast, this plume has caught the attention of a few meteorologists.

“According to scientists that I have gotten some information from, they’re saying this is an abnormally large dust cloud,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and lead hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski told AccuWeather’s Jonathan Petramala. “One of the things I noticed from this is the dust started coming off the coast of Africa several days ago, in fact maybe over a week ago. And it’s still coming. It’s almost like a prolonged area of dust.”

Images of the dust are incredible to behold.

Satellite imagery of the dust plume from the Sahara trekking across the Atlantic toward the Americas on June 18, 2020. (NOAA/GOES16)

And while this mass of dust doesn’t quite have the pizzazz of “murder hornets”, it certainly doesn’t feel out of place for this, the strangest year in modern history.

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