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2020 presidential candidate issues profane and disturbing response to Trump’s Iran tweet

The progressives continued to deploy their potty-mouthed miscreants to verbally attack the Commander in Chief.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, Americans have learned a great deal about the decorum the democratic party.

Sure, we already knew that there was plenty of flailing and failing to go around thanks to the incessant “resistance” to President Trump.  The left is simply scatterbrained in ways that we’ve never seen before, and their constant frustration is manifesting itself in ever more maddening ways.

The latest bit of verbal vociferousness comes to us from Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who was responding to President Trump on Twitter when she dropped this profane parable.

The President was insinuating what many in the international community are already sure of – that Iran is responsible for the devastating oil field attacks that threaten to upturn the relative stability of the Middle East.

Gabbard, who staunchly opposes President Trump and prolonged military involvement in the Middle East, has ratcheted up her language in order to keep up with the flock of foul-mouthed progressive candidates who seek the White House in 2020.

Former Texas State lawmaker Beto O’Rourke has been at the forefront of this potty-mouthed revolution after rebranding himself as a darker, grittier sort of candidate, even going so far as to sell campaign t-shirts emblazoned with some of his more memorable and filthy exclamations.

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