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2024 Candidate Accused of Abuse by Staff: ‘Rage’, ‘Spitting’, Medical Intervention


Presidential politics has long been seen as a fraught and stressful lifestyle, with all manner of deceit and betrayal being a key component.  This is as high stakes as it gets in a world that is already brimming with win-or-die wannabes, as the Beltway’s swampy reputation tells us.

But even more stressful and battering than presidential politics is the office itself.  In fact, the daily crisis juggling of the Oval Office makes worrying about which signs got hung where at some middle-of-nowhere Moose Lodge seem less-than-trivial.

If you can’t hack it out on the road, you certainly aren’t going to last long in the highest office in the land, and new revelations regarding the demeanor of one Democrat could disqualify her from the job before she got anywhere near it.

The best-selling author Marianne Williamson has built a career preaching love and forgiveness. It is the cornerstone of her second Democratic campaign for president which she launched on March 4.

But those who have worked with Williamson as she has moved into the political realm say her public persona is at odds with her private behavior.

Interviews with 12 people who worked for Williamson during her 2020 presidential campaign paint a picture of a boss who can be verbally and emotionally abusive.

Those interviewed say the best-selling author and spiritual adviser subjected her employees to unpredictable, explosive episodes of anger. They said Williamson could be cruel and demeaning to her staff and that her behavior went far beyond the typical stress of a grueling presidential cycle.

Williamson’s harmful and habitual outbursts were disturbing, according to sources.

“It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage,” said a former staffer, who, like most people that spoke with POLITICO, was granted anonymity because of their concern about being sued for breaking non-disclosure agreements. “It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying.”

Williamson would throw her phone at staffers, according to three of those former staffers. Her outbursts could be so loud that two former aides recounted at least four occasions when hotel staff knocked on her door to check on the situation. In one instance, Williamson got so angry about the logistics of a campaign trip to South Carolina that she felt was poorly planned that she pounded a car door until her hand started to swell, according to four former staffers. Ultimately, she had to go to an urgent care facility, they said. All 12 former staffers interviewed recalled instances where Williamson would scream at people until they started to cry.

Williamson wrote off the reports, suggesting that these former staffers were likely attempting to improve their own career ceilings with the smears.

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