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A New America? Poll Finds Support for ‘Regions’ of States


Our nation’s purpose, when we get right down to it, is to create and foster the most perfect form of democracy possible, and help the world to find their way to it as well.

And sure, this means that some adjustments need to be made.  We are not a nation without sin, but none are.  We are unafraid of change and unafraid of facing the past, and these are uniquely American traits at times.

But this has also led to the idea that we may do some radical things at times…including, now, the possibility of redrawing borders according to a new poll.

While stunning talk of secession from states like Texas and other Republican leaning areas may sound like a radical idea, the survey finds many Democrat voters actually support breaking up the U.S. as well.

“Until recently, we would have regarded it as too marginal to include in a survey. But state legislators in Mississippi and Texas and state GOP leaders in Texas and Wyoming have openly advocated secession in recent months, prompting us to design two survey items to gauge perceptions of this idea,” the researchers say.

The survey finds the political divide in America has gotten so bad 29 percent of voters would entertain the idea of spitting the country into smaller regions. One in three Republican respondents support their state seceding from the union.

Overall, just 21 percent of Democratic voters also support secession however, the idea is even more popular on the left in areas where Democrats hold power. The pollsters caution that these results come from the gut reaction of voters in the survey. Since voters did not have the ability to look carefully into the consequences of breaking the U.S. into five hypothetical regions, they urge the public to take their findings with a grain of salt.

States such as New York and California have already suggested that some citizens are not being fairly represented due to the population density in small geographic regions of those largely liberal locales, and have considered perhaps allowing New York City and southern California to form their own districts or regions to allow for more conservative folks upstate to govern themselves.

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