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Acosta Moves on From ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ to New Disorder

Obsessed much?

Throughout the entirety of Donald Trump’s presidency, there was a very real feeling that he was changing the way that Americans interact with politics.  He was hired by we the people to be a disrupter in the government, and he certainly achieved that.  He was, in many ways, a tidal force in Washington, and the effects of his presidency will not soon be forgotten.

One of the most prevalent bits of collateral damage that Trump’s election brought to the nation was the barely-fictional affliction known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, in which the liberal sufferers would show any number of troubling symptoms any time that they were forced to reconcile with the reality that Donald Trump was their president.

Now that The Don is plotting his next move down in Mar-a-Lago, CNN’s Jim Acosta has a new Trump-related illness that he’s suffering from…and he thinks you might be too.

From an appearance on CNN this weekend:

Anchor Brian Stelter said, “Do you feel like you are rundown, your lineup is really different than it would have been in the Trump years?”

Acosta said, “When you asked me if I was rundown, I was wondering if you were asking me how I felt during the Trump era. I think we’re all dealing with some post-Trump stress disorder.”

He continued, “There are questions about why aren’t Republicans getting on board with these Biden proposals. There were Republicans getting on board with overturning the election just a couple of months ago, so we shouldn’t have high expectations for that. But in terms of stacking shows and what comes first, what comes second, Brian, you and I both know this all too well. We did cover the news before Donald Trump came along, and we did it pretty well. There’s going to be plenty of stuff in the news put there, and it doesn’t have to have Donald Trump in the headlines for us to continue to exist.”

Of course, Acosta’s continued obsession with Donald Trump says a whole lot more about the CNN anchor than it does about the former Commander in Chief.

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