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Actress Shames Media for Ignoring Credible Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Joe Biden

The stunning hypocrisy of the mainstream media is just too much for Rose McGowan.

Young Democratic voters are not too thrilled about the idea of anointing Joe Biden as their party’s 2020 nominee, and they aren’t afraid of letting their opinion be known.

It was only 4 years ago, in the late summer of 2016, that these same liberal voters were being bamboozled by Hillary Clinton and the DNC – who were caught rigging the primary elections against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Now, in 2020, it seems as though the Democratic establishment is again railroading the process to an outcome they’ve chosen, and an outcome that goes against the best wishes of their constituency.

Worse still:  The Democratic deep state has also buried news of a credible sexual assault allegation against Biden, with their cohorts in the mainstream media spending little to no time covering the accusations.

Actress Rose McGowan was none too pleased with this turn of events.

McGowan has been going hard at this for a while, and she hasn’t seemed worried at all about collateral damage in her quest to find justice for Tara Reade.

McGowan has continued to use her influential Twitter account to make a crusade of the media’s ongoing cover up of Reade’s credible accusations. On Sunday night she blasted the far-left New York Times specifically. In response to a Times story about why the public no longer trust the media, McGowan said, “it’s because the public sees your favoritism and your utter hypocrisy. Yes, you go after the reprehensible Trump, but leave Biden accusations alone.”

“You are the problem,” she added.

McGowan is also pointing to actress Alyssa Milano’s hypocrisy. Milano, who also identifies as a #MeToo activist, supports Biden and has yet to show any support for his credible accuser.

To expose Milano’s hypocrisy, McGowan is retweeting others exposing Milano, including one tweet that says, “Milano remains silent on the rape accusation against Joe Biden, after demanding we #BelieveWomen when Blasey Ford came forward against Kavanaugh,” the tweet accurately points out, adding, “and despite Tara Reade having more evidence against Biden and Biden having more female accusers than Kavanaugh ever did.”

Reade’s allegations against Biden were discussed with Time’s Up, and organization that purportedly works on behalf of victims of sexual assault.  Her cries for help were largely ignored, and it was later revealed that the Biden campaign had increased their donations to the organization under which Time’s Up operates.

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