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After Alleged Bolton Book Bombshells, Democrats Fume at Ex-White House Insider

While Bolton’s allegations are prime fodder for the rabid “resistance”, Democrats, by and large, are fuming over his choice to withhold the information until he could profit from it.

John Bolton can’t catch a break, and perhaps rightly so.

The former national security adviser was set to release a damning book about his time in the Trump White House within days, but has been sued by the Department of Justice in order to prevent the tawdry tome’s release.  The reason for the litigious maneuver was simple – Bolton’s work had not yet completed the required review by the Trump administration and intelligence officials, who were tasked with providing assurance that the noted warhawk wasn’t going to be giving away any national secrets or classified information.

Bolton’s publishers had moved ahead without this approval, and physical copies of the book itself have already been shipped too warehouses.

From there, copies of the book leaked to the press, and plenty of wild accusations have been flying around the mainstream media ever since.

Democrats are now looking at brining Bolton back in for questioning under oath to find out just how much confidence he has in the legitimacy his story.

Top House Democrats say they’re seriously considering whether Bolton should appear before them — either voluntarily or under subpoena — to testify about explosive allegations contained in his new book, including that Trump encouraged China to construct internment camps for Uighurs, urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to purchase American agricultural products in order to help his reelection bid and promised autocrats like Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he would do legal favors for an ally facing a U.S. indictment.

And, despite the fact that Bolton’s allegations are prime fodder for “the resistance”, a vast majority of liberal social media users are infuriated by Bolton’s greed, with the former West Wing insider refusing to voluntarily appear before Congress back in 2019, choosing instead to hold onto these gargantuan claims until he could profit from the sale of a book.


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