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After Mueller testimony mishap, Biden defends Trump’s election

In this post-Mueller world, even the democrats will be forced to speak the truth every now and again.

Wednesday didn’t go as planned for the democrats, with Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony getting unanimously panned in the mainstream media.

Mueller, who the democrats believed would ignite a firestorm of impeachment support within the general population of the US, looked tired, frail, and annoyed.  He never wanted to testify in the first place, and parading him out in front of the nation brought with it all of the enthusiasm of an overweight, captive, elderly tiger who’d rather lounge in the shade than rely on any of his more exciting instincts.

For many in the media, this meant that the push for impeachment was effectively over, despite some half-hearted defibrillation by democratic leaders in the following days.

The failure of Mueller to ignite the nation was even felt on the campaign trail, where 2020 candidate Joe Biden was forced to admit that parts of the RussiaGate conspiracy theory were far from the truth.

“I think he made headway because we stopped talking to our base,” Biden said regarding Trump’s 2016 performance. “And that’s not a criticism of Hillary [Clinton]. It’s just the way in which we got sucked into the last election talking about whether he touched women or whether, you know, it all got into … we didn’t talk much about the issues.”

Biden claimed it “was a brilliant strategy,” because it ensured Trump “never had to talk about what we’re gonna do about wages, what we’re gonna do about jobs.” The former vice president then proceeded to get off topic and attack the Trump administration for its tax cuts and foreign policy. When Biden did get back to the question at hand, he admitted that despite everything, Trump had won the presidency “fair and square.”

“A small percentage of people shifted just enough. But for 72,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, we would have a Democratic president now,” Biden said. “She won (the popular vote) by three million votes. Now he won fair and square in the sense that the Electoral College works that way.”

“Fair and square”.  Now that’s something that you don’t hear the radical left admitting to on a regular basis, and Biden’s statement certainly wouldn’t have sat well with voters previous to Mueller’s testimony.

But now, in this post-Mueller world, even the democrats will be forced to speak the truth every now and again.

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