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After stealing the show in Tuesday’s tussle, 2020 dem gets backing of ‘occult task force’

Will this actually help the democratic party in 2020? Our crystal ball wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Last night’s democratic debate was yet another example of how disparate the liberal leftist elite is from their constituency.

The CNN-hosted affair has been routinely bashed in the hours since it aired, with many observers chastising the network for inserting themselves into the fray far too often, cutting off candidates with personal anecdotes and steering the entire affair toward conflict.

Of course, this makes for good ratings, and came as no surprise to those who’ve already recognized the mainstream media as nothing more than a subject of the “infotainment industry”.  In all reality, CNN is little more than Discovery Channel for politics, and it’s beginning to show.

But when the candidates were allowed to speak freely, without the guidance of the television hosts at the helm, one competitor was the surprising and overwhelming focal point:  Marianne Williamson.

Williamson, whose new age chic has attracted more than a few side-eyes from her fellow candidates, was the most-searched candidate on Google in all but one of the 50 states at the conclusion of the debate, and has garnered intense support from at least one of liberal America’s most fanatical demographic:  Progressive witches.

A group of supporters of 2020 White House hopeful and Marianne Williamson has put together an “occult task force” in support of the spiritual guru; however, her campaign is none too pleased about the move.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the anonymous individual heading up the “task force” told the Jeff-Bezos owned newspaper that 13 witches, chaos magicians, and energy workers performed “gestures” in an effort to get Williamson more speaking time during Tuesday’s Democrat presidential primary debate in Detriot, Michigan.

Williamson’s campaign has continually denied the candidate’s belief or support of such activities.

After catching wind of the “task force”, the Williamson campaign told the Post that it’s deeply uncomfortable with their activities, citing their  usage of the term “occultist.”

“I am very, very concerned about the word occultist,” Patricia Ewing, the spiritual guru’s campaign spokesperson, told the newspaper, before stating she was unaware of the “task force’s” existence.

In a tweet last week, Williamson declared she is “not a cult leader,” nor anti-science after claims about her purported opposition to vaccinations circulated on social media.

While Williamson is certainly a long-shot in the overall race, her brand of offbeat and emotional politicking has struck a chord with a great many bleeding heart democrats, ensuring that the self-help author will remain in the race for the Oval Office for the foreseeable future.

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