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After Trump Signs Defense Bill, Space Force is OFFICIAL!

Our orbital highways will now be patrolled by the might of the US military.

It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump is an ardent supporter of our nation’s military, but no one could have imagined back in 2016 that No. 45 would be President to introduce to a brand now, sixth branch of the military.

Yet, here we are, as the Commander in Chief officially initiates the American Space Force.

Flanked by two F-35 fighter jets and in front of a giant American flag, President Trump on Friday signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that officially created the Space Force, the sixth and first new military branch since 1947.

“For the first time since Truman, we will create a brand new American military service,” Trump said. “You will witness the birth of the Space Force. That’s a big moment and we’re all here for it.”

The creation of the Space Force marked the achievement of one of the president’s top national priorities.

“Space is the world’s newest warfighting domain,” Trump added. “American superiority in space is absolutely vital.”

And the President is absolutely correct:  Military satellites are already cluttering our orbital byways, and the eastern superpowers of Russia and China are working overtime to make hypersonic ballistic missiles a reality – some of which could travel from the Kremlin to the White House in minutes, not hours.

This wasn’t all that Trump achieved for the military with these strokes of the pen, either.

The NDAA, a yearly bill that authorizes the Pentagon’s budget, also established a 3.1 percent pay raise for members of the military, the largest pay raise in a decade.

The bill also pays for scores of new aircraft, tanks, and ships. It also eliminates the “widow’s tax” for fallen service members and authorizes paid parental leave for federal civilian workers. The bill also allows for members of the military to sue for medical malpractice in cases after 2017.

So, look to the skies in safety, my fellow Americans:  The Space Force has arrived.

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