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Air Force Veteran takes Nike to task by revealing his own patriotic pair of kicks

Nike are the kings of ‘anti-marketing’, but one brave veteran is looking to scuttle their latest sneaker scam.

Nike sure knows how to get attention, don’t they?

The sneaker manufacturer has long been erring on the side of controversy, understanding fully well that there is money to be made in both offending people, and offending the people who hate such political correctness.  In many ways, it’s an ingenious marketing strategy, where you play one side for fools and the other for suckers.

And, of course, without the mainstream media fanning the cultural divide in America, none of it would work.

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It’s why Nike chose to take endorsement from Colin Kaepernick in the first place:  It would be so viscerally upsetting to Kaepernick’s disparagers that the QB’s fans would turn out in droves to support Nike.  You see, it wasn’t about rewarding Nike for their choice, it was about annoying those with whom the Kaepernick groupies disagree.

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It’s anti-marketing, and we all fell for it.  So, why wouldn’t Nike just do it again?

We should have seen this latest “Betsy Ross flag” debacle coming.  Nike’s bread is buttered by fanning the flames of societal division.  By choosing to lash out against the company, you give them free anti-marketing.  By choosing to dole out cash for kicks, you reward them for angering half of the nation.

The only way to combat this is by choosing not Nike altogether.  That’s why one Air Force veteran is releasing his own patriotic shoes, hoping to scuttle Nike’s cash-grabbing sneaker scam for a good cause.

Ron Slagle, who now works as a police officer in Iowa, told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that those who were hoping to buy the Nike shoe, which featured the original Betsy Ross American flag, should check out his “Honor and Respect” sneaker instead.

Proceeds from the sale of his sneakers, which are black, white and blue, benefit Code 9 and Blue H.E.L.P, two organizations which seek to improve the lives of officers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The shoes don’t look half bad, either.


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