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Airlines Consider WEIGHING Passengers to Save Money

This is yet another way we’ll be embarrassed and dehumanized while traveling.

Flying to and fro around this great nation of ours used to be pretty fun and exciting.

Before the terror attacks of 9/11, Americans were gleeful to take to the skies.  It was a glitzy and somewhat glamorous feeling to be “jetting off” to some unknown destination, being served drinks by friendly flight attendants at 30,000 feet.

It really did feel different back before taking our shoes off, removing our belts, getting groped by the TSA, paying for checked baggage, and being exposed to radiation via x-ray machine.

These days, flying is simply a hassle.

Now, airlines are looking at new cost-cutting measures that could almost make flying embarrassing.

AIR passengers could be WEIGHED before they board flights in a bit to cut fuel costs and emissions.

Discreet “pressure pads” could be used as passengers pass through the airport – with data then used to determine how much fuel is needed per flight.

And, as if it couldn’t get any more impersonal, the weighing in ceremony would be public.

Talks are underway between Berkshire-based firm Fuel Matrix and several long-haul airlines in the UK over implementing the system.

Weighing could take place as passengers check in or leave their luggage at self-service bag drops.

Perhaps the more worrisome issue here is being overlooked:

How close are airlines trying to cut it when it comes to fueling up for a flight?



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