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‘Alligators and Meth’: MSNBC Host Smears Ron DeSantis

This was LOW.

Politics is ugly.  No need to reiterate that too heavily.  It’s the most well-understood part of the game at this point.  Heck, they’re not even trying to hide it very well anymore.  (Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s stock trades to affirm yourself).

But there are lines that needn’t be crossed.  There are attacks that are obtuse and pedantic, but they work.  And they work not because they are clever or cultured or calculated.  They work by being so tacky – so gimmicky – that they stick right in the lower IQ portions of our brains, forever impeding any thought we’d otherwise have on the subject.

Donald Trump’s use of nicknames on the campaign trail was a rather benign but effective version of this.  By saying out loud what many of us already felt about other politicians, that perhaps Joe Biden was Sleepy Joe, he was dropping earworms.  Like songs that you can’t shake even after a few days of waking up humming it.

Over at MSNBC, however, this sort of shock-jock rhetoric isn’t supposed to be welcome.  These are “journalists” after all.  (At least that’s what it says on the dressing room door…maybe).

But here we are, with a pretty lowbrow crack at the good people, (and fauna), of Florida, in a rather lame attempt to get a shot in at their Governor before he makes a 2024 announcement.

MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “The ReidOut” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will be hurt by Florida’s “crystal meth and alligator” reputation if he runs for president.

Johnson then went on a rant of repugnant stereotypes.

Johnson said, “In my view, there are three states that you can’t really run from if you’re trying to win across America. You run from New York. You’re too crazy. You’re a liberal. You run from California, you’re too crazy, you’re liberal, and you’re trying to make sure I can’t get plastic straws. You run from Florida. It’s all crystal meth and alligators, right? I mean, that’s what people think. And I’m not saying that’s the case. I’m saying those are sort of the national reputations of those states. So, when you see Ron Desantis running and claiming that he’s going do for America what he’s done in Florida, it seems like that’d be a problem.”

DeSantis has been not-so-secretly preparing for a potential 2024 White House run, and early polling has him emerging as the most prominent challenger to former President Donald Trump, who has already entered the race.

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