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Amazon Driver Walks Off Job, Tells Twitter Where to Find his Truck with Keys in Ignition

The delivery driver blasted Jeff Bezos, and insinuated that Amazon workers could make more money ‘cutting grass’.

As much of the world around us suffers through a global pandemic and the economic devastation that it has caused, Jeff Bezos is approaching trillionaire status.

The Amazon founder has successfully turned one of the world’s first online bookshops into the global leader in retail, and he has done so by exploiting workers in a myriad of unsettling ways.  Just months ago there were reports that Amazon warehouse workers were wearing diapers to avoid taking bathroom breaks, all on account of the tightly-regulated timing of their jobs.

This week the company’s PR team took another hit as an Amazon driver walked off the job in spectacular and public fashion.

A Detroit-area Amazon delivery driver on Monday said he abandoned a van full of packages at a gas station in a tweet that has since gone viral.

Derick Lancaster, known as @_lilderick on Twitter, said in a Monday tweet that he “quit” his job at Amazon and shared the location of his abandoned delivery van “full of gas wit the keys in the IGNITION,” followed by another tweet sharing a photo of the parked van.

“Mentally, my health — I just couldn’t keep working 13 hours a day for that company,” Lancaster told FOX Business.

His tweet went viral and now has hundreds of thousands of likes and comments from other users expressing concerns about delayed packages while others cheered Lancaster for the move.

And that’s not all…

In a video posted later on Monday, Lancaster says he’s not “about to keep waking up at 9 [a.m.]” and getting home at 10 [p.m.],” then doing it all over again the next day. Lancaster also called out Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the video for unfair treatment, saying he could make “$15 an hour cutting grass.”

Meanwhile, Bezos’ wealth continues to grow to exorbitant amounts, with some calling into question just how much money is enough money in the world today?

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