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Amazon’s latest facial recognition technology will tell police what mood you’re in

The failure rate of this latest technological advancement is far too shoddy to ignore.

As technology continues to evolve in its sophistication, we too must evolve in our defense of our inalienable rights.

The Founding Fathers had forethought well beyond their means and their time.  They envisioned a land of true freedom, in which our liberties shall not, under any circumstances, be infringed upon by anyone.  These truths were written into our nation’s Constitution without question, yet here we are, working diligently to protect ourselves from the evils of unchecked power.

Government itself is only one piece of the puzzle.  We mustn’t be lenient in our pursuit of freedom in the face of technocratic authority either, no matter the convenience that our subservience provides to ourselves or to others.

At the forefront of this issue is privacy, guaranteed to us by the Fourth Amendment, while being constantly challenged by the advent of continuously evolving technology.

Amazon is just one of many corporations looking to make inroads against our Constitutional rights, however, and their latest advancements in facial recognition technology are their most sinister yet.

Amazon has announced its facial recognition program used by one Washington state police agency can now detect emotion, generating concerns from privacy advocates.

KING-TV reported Thursday that Amazon announced its Rekognition tool has been enhanced to detect basic emotions, including fear.

Officials say the American Civil Liberties Union is seeking a delay on police use of the product without regulation until the implications are discussed.

Here is where it turned worrisome:

The ACLU says it tested the tool by comparing Congress members to a database of mug shots and found 28 false matches were returned.

According to the online retailer, the trial by the ACLU was not conducted correctly, calling into question whether or not Amazon can be trusted with such power.



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