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American Airlines UFO Sighting Not The Only Recent Incident

Oh…for real?

At times, this new, wild world that we leave in doesn’t feel quite real, does it?  There are far too many “once in a lifetime” situations occurring at once for all of this to be coincidence, right?

It’s almost as if the history book just spilled out into the ether.

We have a pandemic, first and foremost, which is something that nearly every single person on the plant had only read about before.  We watched the American Capitol be invaded for the first time since 1814.  The stock market was just about ruined by a savvy group of outsiders.

And, that doesn’t even take into consideration the wild uptick in UFO cases that included a recent incident involving professional pilots with American Airlines.

As it turns out, this isn’t new for American Airlines or other passenger carriers.


Unusual footage shows a saucer-shaped disc 'overtaking a plane' in New Hampshire

Unusual footage shows a saucer-shaped disc ‘overtaking a plane’ in New Hampshire
A witness started filming as the object appeared to gain on a passenger plane

A witness started filming as the object appeared to gain on a passenger plane

Bizarre footage sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy in 2018.

The eerie clip appears to show a saucer-shaped object following a plane in its vapor trails before overtaking with ease.

It was filmed from the ground in Lincoln, New Hampshire, in 2016 and resurfaced two years later.

And also:


Footage claims to show a 'cigar-shaped UFO' over Kansas

Footage claims to show a ‘cigar-shaped UFO’ over Kansas

Another sighting caught on camera involved a plane over Wichita, Kansas, in June 2019.

A woman filming a noisy passenger jet overhead also captured what appears to be a bright cylindrical object shooting into view.

She is heard saying: “What in the hell is that? What in the f***?”

Noting the loud noise of birds in the background, one viewer commented: “Great footage, I wonder if the birds are going crazy.”

The FBI came awfully close to admitting that they were working the case of the American Airlines sighting, but stopped just shy.

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