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Amid congressional chaos, Team Trump works to get MASSIVE spending bill passed

It’s about doggone time.

The weather over the Washington DC swamp has been deteriorating for some time now, as President Donald Trump primes the pumps on his way to exposing every submerged scalawag and bottom-feeding fool.

As these figurative clouds gather, the movement of these cretinous creatures has slowed to a standstill as they attempt to avoid the gaze of the Commander in Chief.  Nearly all work on Capitol Hill has ground to a halt, leaving the American people high and dry as far as our return on investment with our lawmakers.  They have largely been caught up in the “resistance” show, unable to pass even a single piece of worthwhile legislation without some over-the-top, pompous dog-and-pony show.

That is…until now.

The Senate passed a two-year bipartisan budget deal and sent it to President Donald Trump’s desk for his signature, putting an end to the threat of a debt crisis this fall and easing the path toward funding the government past Sept. 30.

The vote was 67-28, with a majority of Senate Republicans supporting the measure. Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had been lobbying GOP senators hard the past several days to gain their approval, and their efforts paid off Thursday morning.

The bipartisan package — hammered out in negotiations between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — raises spending $320 billion over current levels, lifts the debt ceiling for two years and sets a course for funding the government without the fiscal brinkmanship of recent years, such as last winter’s 35-day partial government shutdown over Trump’s border wall project.

Mitch didn’t mince his words regarding the bill.

McConnell also repeatedly hailed the Democrats’ concession that they would not insert “poison pill” policy language into individual appropriations bills this fall. That leaves in place the Hyde amendment provision banning federal funding for abortions, for instance, which McConnell cited as a major win.

“This is the agreement the administration has negotiated,” McConnell said on the floor Thursday morning. “This is the deal the House has passed. This is the deal President Trump is waiting [for] and eager to sign into law. This is the deal that every member of this body should support when we vote later this morning.”

Keeping the government funded through these regular legislative renewals has become a bit of a hassle in recent years, as tribal identity politics have made it nearly impossible for Congressional leaders to work with one another out of fear that their compromises will alienate the often-rabid voter bases who ascribe to this partisanship.

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