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Amid Senate Controversy, AG Barr Will Answer Questions on Capitol Hill Wednesday

Would it be too much to ask of Congress to leave their bipartisan bickering at the door, for once, and work together toward full transparency here? It’s what We The People want.

With the Mueller report still looming large in the media, the answers that the nation deserves are going to have to come from either Robert Mueller himself, or someone within the DOJ.

Though partially redacted, the public release of the Mueller report has given us a bit more of a glimpse into the 22-month long ordeal that We The People paid for.  Unfortunately, in the case of some of the subjects covered, we are left with more questions than answers.

Congress is hoping to peel back some of the layers of that onion when they speak with Attorney General Bill Barr on Wednesday.

Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday will face lawmakers’ questions for the first time since releasing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, in what promises to be a dramatic showdown as he defends his actions before Democrats who accuse him of spinning the investigation’s findings in President Donald Trump’s favor.

Barr’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to highlight the partisan schism around Mueller’s report and the Justice Department’s handling of it. It will give the attorney general his most extensive opportunity to explain the department’s actions, including a press conference held before the report’s release, and for him to repair a reputation bruised by allegations that he’s the president’s protector.

But the Attorney General’s appearance on Capitol Hill wouldn’t be completely without scandal.

Barr is also invited to appear Thursday before the Democratic-led House Judiciary panel, but the Justice Department said he would not testify if the committee insisted on having its lawyers question the attorney general.

And while these “public servants” grandstand and gloat, with Barr as their witness, the American people will be left wondering when our elected officials will remove their heads from the sand and get down to working with one another on a plan to stop Russia from trying all of this nonsense again in 2020.

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