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Another Mainstream Pundit Believes Donald Trump is Sabotaging His Own Reelection

Oh, give me a break.

There have been no shortage of strange, goofy, or even downright wacky theories about President Donald Trump over the course of his first term.  We’ve heard that he is somehow a Kremlin double agent, or that he was somehow involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.  Heck, some people even think that he and Robert Mueller were working together to somehow take down a global pedophile ring through the use of sealed indictments still outstanding at the DOJ.

Perhaps this is just our newly-christened conspiracy culture at play, with Americans growing happily into the role of amateur sleuths thanks to the boredom of quarantine and the availability of the internet.

In any case, the strange theories about President Trump have now infiltrated even the mainstream media.

From MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch:

“The only kind of psychological explanation I can give, not being a doctor, only playing one on TV, is … the level of narcissism that he cannot move off of where he was,” Deutsch outlined.. “‘No, I am right, everybody else is wrong. Every poll is wrong. I am right. Every adviser is wrong, I am right,’ is the only explanation because there is no rational explanation. The polls are so stunning, whether it’s 75-80% were on the wrong track, whether it’s every poll about how to handle [coronavirus] and he’s doing the exact opposite … even in the deepest red states.”

He continued, “So, there is no logic other than the one that I keep coming back to that you’ve thrown out there, is that he doesn’t want to win. He doesn’t want to be there anymore. There’s no explanation. We could get 100 of the greatest pundits in the world. We can get 100 psychologists. There is no explanation. The only rational explanation is an irrational one — that this guy, come November 2, November 3, on some level doesn’t want to be there. I can’t come up with it. I wish I had an answer for you, Joe. I’ve known him for 20 years. It defies every logical explanation.”

This isn’t the first time that the infotainment industry has suggested that Trump isn’t really in it to win it for 2020, with Democratic strategist James Carville wondering aloud earlier this week if President Trump would be compelled to drop out of the race altogether.

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