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Another US Senator Throws Blame on China for ‘Decision’ to Allow Virus to Spread

Ever more voices are joining the chorus who are calling for Chinese reparations.

The more we learn about coronavirus, the less we understand about the choices that China made in regards to it.

The outbreak of COVID-19 that led to this global pandemic began in Wuhan, China, and was first attributed to the consumption of bat meat from a wet market in the city.  This story itself has been injected with doubt, however, as news of a nearby laboratory got out.  This lab, coincidentally, specializes in bat-born coronavirus strains and was the subject of a troubling US government report some years again in which authorities called into question the safety and security protocols of the establishment.

Furthermore, the data that China had provided to the rest of the world was nothing more than a whimsical fantasy exposed by the devastating death toll that took place in an underprepared Europe.

Some have even suggested that China was purposefully misleading the rest of the world in order to gain some sort of global advantage when this was all said and done.

Even US lawmakers are concerned about that possibility.

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argued when determining how and whether or not China was responsible for coronavirus global pandemic, it was undeniable China allowed the virus to spread beyond its borders.

He told FNC’s Neil Cavuto that for that reason, the Chinese Communist Party was “culpable” for allowing COVID-19 to become a global pandemic.

“Whatever the origins of this virus — and, right now, I think the best circumstantial evidence points to those labs in Wuhan,” Cotton said. “But whatever the origins of it, it’s clear to me that, once China realized how deadly this virus could be to some people and how contagious this virus was, that they made the conscious decision to let it get outside of their borders. They didn’t stop international air travel. They pressured countries not to impose travel restrictions.

Weeks ago, Senator Marsha Blackburn proposed that the US explore the economic impact of China’s indecisive and possibly deceptive actions in the wake of the outbreak, in order to get the ball rolling on reparations requests.

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