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Antifa Marches on Portland, Railing Against Election of Joe Biden

Biden spent a great deal of effort to court the radical left. Now, can he tame them?

In this wild political climate that we find ourselves in at the moment, the divisions within our society just keep coming.   You have your moderates on both sides of the aisle, who don’t really disagree with each other on a whole lot except for which party to appeal to in order to remain in power.  Then there’s the bulks of the GOP and the Democratic Party, who may find common ground every now and then, but mostly stick to the partisan points that their leadership whips them toward.

But then there are the extremists:  The MAGA movement and Antifa, who, thanks to the mainstream media, have cultivated quite a grudge with one another.

Antifa is quite far to the left, despite the fact that their name implies the they are simply opposing the hard, far right.

In fact, Antifa is so far to the left that the election of Joe Biden did little to raise their spirits. 

More than 100 anti-fascist demonstrators in Portland attacked police and vandalized the city’s Democratic Party of Oregon building Wednesday afternoon, breaking several windows in the process, according to police.

Police arrested eight people between the ages of 18 and 38, some of whom were armed with knives and long poles, the department said.

Before descending on the offices of the Democratic Party of Oregon, the crowd scuffled with police on bikes who were monitoring the area where the group had told supporters to meet.

Police say the demonstrators used similar language in flyers announcing the Jan. 20 event as other rallies held months prior that “were punctuated by violence and destruction.” The flyers advertising a gathering at Revolution Hall discouraged livestreaming, according to the city’s police bureau.

The group made clear their feelings about the election.

Reuters reports that one of the banners held by the demonstrators said, “We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres.” Some members of the group then moved dumpsters into the street and lit them on fire before the crowd started to disperse.

Joe Biden’s campaign focused heavily on convincing the progressive left to support him, knowing that their votes would be the key to his success.  Now, many have suggested he may be a bit beholden to the more radical forces within the party, which could by why Antifa has seen his inauguration as an opportunity to make noise.

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