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AOC Invokes 9/11 in Classless Attack on Trump’s Virus Response

Comparing 9/11 to coronavirus seems to be a tactic only favored by the bombastic and morally bankrupt.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the next generation of politicians have had their tongues sharpened by the character limits of Twitter, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

It seems these days that our shorter attention spans have pushed our politicians to turn sensational more swiftly than ever.  They don’t wish to waste words getting around to their point.  Instead, they prefer to be casually bombastic, throwing around horrific and explosive language as if they were simply born to shock us.

When it comes to these salacious tactics, no one is more focused than freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who this week found a way to compare coronavirus to 9/11, merely for the purpose of drudging up the sort of emotions that we felt on that fateful day.

From an appearance on MSNBC:

“[T]his small bill, while something may be better than nothing — it is happening in the context of Congress having gone on recess for a month,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We are going to pass a small-potatoes bill, and then we are talking about recessing again until May 4. And if we are going to bring every member or call back almost every member who can back to D.C. to pass a small incremental bill with the knowledge that we are not coming back until next month again, that’s two rent checks. And the last time we left, again, we lost over one 9/11’s worth of people due to this lack of action. And so we really need to acknowledge that this small bill — again, while something is better than nothing, and frankly, Democrats fought very, very hard to get basic things like testing. Republicans didn’t want to fund hospitals.  They didn’t want to fund mass testing, which is what is going to allow us to reopen the economy.”

The conjuring of this painful memory serves to only compound the emotional toll of the conversation at hand, and seems to somehow denigrate the memory of those we lost back in 2001.

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