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AP News Declares That House Has Votes to Impeach Donald Trump

At this point, there is little left to do by pray for the healing of our nation. 

Tomorrow is undoubtedly going to be a day that will forever live in American history…one way or another.

Our nation is hotly divided, that is undeniable.  The swamp-draining bombast of President Trump is precisely what the American people chose back in 2016, and it has irked the Democratic Party ever since.

Now, with less than 24 hours until the point of no return, AP News is reporting that impeachment will indeed be moving forward.

President Donald Trump is on track to be impeached by the House with the majority now in favor ahead of voting, according to a running tally compiled by The Associated Press.

No Republicans have indicated they will support impeachment, setting up a party line vote carried by Democrats. One by one, centrist Democrats, including many freshman lawmakers who risk reelection in districts where the president is popular, announced this week that they would support the articles of impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is all but certain to have the numbers as debate begins Wednesday on the two articles of impeachment that charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The first article on abuse of power now has a majority.

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At this point, there is little left to do by pray for the healing of our nation.

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