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Arizona GOP Head Pushes Trump to ‘Cross the Rubicon’ – A Reference to Caesar’s Dictatorship

Let’s hope that the phrasing here was simply a miscue and not a call for Donald Trump to become a dictator.

For each and every claim being made by Team Trump in regard to the 2020 election, there appear to be several different reactions available in the general public, many of which are contradictory to one another.  This has predictably created a great deal of tension here in the United States as of late, and has pushed some among us to suggest some highly strange possibilities.

Over the weekend, for instance, reports from the White House seemed to suggest that President Trump was considering declaring martial law in order to re-run the election itself.  This news was quickly refuted by Trump, but came after a very similar suggestion was made by former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Now, in a statement that has alarmed some political observers, the head of the Arizona GOP appears to have tied Trump’s election fight to Julius Caesar’s rise to dictatorship…and with enthusiasm, no less.

Kelli Ward, the chair of Arizona’s Republican Party, urged President Donald Trump to “cross the Rubicon” in a Saturday tweet, referencing the historical act by Julius Caesar which led to the Roman civil war and Caesar becoming a dictator. Retired General Michael Flynn, who was recently pardoned by Trump, shared Ward’s tweet Sunday.

“Mr. President @realDonaldTrump – we are with you in #Arizona. We are working every avenue to stop this coup & to stop our Republic from crumbing. Patriots are united. Those who are against us are exposing themselves. #Liberty & #freedom are on the line. #CrossTheRubicon @GenFlynn,” Ward tweeted.

And why is the wording so interesting?

Ward’s use of “cross the Rubicon” raises questions. The historical context of the phrase relates to Caesar’s undemocratic ascension to become Rome’s dictator and the start of a civil war. Newsweek reached out to Ward to ask what she intended to suggest with the hashtag, but she did not immediately respond.

One can only hope that Ward was not suggesting a dictatorship maneuver by Trump, and that there is some underlying poetic license being employed that we’re just not picking up on.

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