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As Demonstrators Advanced on White House, Trump Briefly Escorted into Emergency Bunker

Things got heated in Lafayette Square, prompting the Secret Service to take drastic action.

It feels like something out of a dystopian movie set in a near-apocalyptic future:  The President of the United States being ushered into a deep underground bunker below the White House as angry protesters amass by the thousands just a few hundred yards away.

In the midst of those who came to Washington to peacefully protest, a smaller faction of anarchists and agitators attempted to stir the crowd and police into a violent confrontation.  They started fires, lobbed fireworks, and generally prodded those in attendance toward chaos.  It doesn’t take much to turn the corner in such an emotionally-charged crowd, and that’s what these ne’er-do-wells were counting on.

As things began to devolve into madness, extra precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the President. 

Secret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and tugging at police barricades.

Trump spent nearly an hour in the bunker, which was designed for use in emergencies like terrorist attacks, according to a Republican close to the White House who was not authorized to publicly discuss private matters and spoke on condition of anonymity. The account was confirmed by an administration official who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

The abrupt decision by the agents underscored the rattled mood inside the White House, where the chants from protesters in Lafayette Park could be heard all weekend and Secret Service agents and law enforcement officers struggled to contain the crowds.

President Trump is expected to address the nation in the coming days, in an effort to distinguish the peaceful protesters from the ill-mannered agitators.

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