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As USPS Remains Hotbed of Controversy, Protesters Arrive at Postmaster’s Abode

But is this just a part of another new conspiracy theory from the liberal left?

The latest main talking point of the Democratic left is that President Trump is “sabotaging” the United States Postal Service in order to “rig” the 2020 election.

Yes, that is a real byline, in a real story, that is really happening.  Once again, the left side of the aisle is turning to the hyperbolic, bombastic drivel that brought us the RussiaGate ruse; the same conspiratorial nonsense that made Alex Jones famous, all dressed up in millennial rags.

The theory has gained ground, as all of the wilder conspiracy theories do, and has even prompted protesters to show up outside of the Postmaster General’s home.

Protesters filled the streets outside the head of the U.S. Postal Service’s home in Northwest Washington, D.C., on Saturday, some carrying signs that read “Don’t mess with the USPS” and “Don’t stamp out our democracy.”

The demonstrators blew airhorns and banged pots as a few of them walked to the front door of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s building and pinned fake ballots to his front door, as protesters accused him and the White House of working together to undermine main-in ballots and the election.

“Hey hey, Louis DeJoy, the Postal Service is not your toy!” the protesters chanted. It was not known if he was home.

And, just as it was with the RussiaGate storyline, the usual suspects started chiming in.

On Saturday, as talk of the in-recess House possibly returning to Washington to respond to the postal crisis heated up, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., called on DeJoy to resign.

“The Postmaster General must resign,” Schiff tweeted. “He’s slowed delivery, banned overtime & decommissioned mail-sorting machines. Right before an election, During a pandemic.

“The House must demand answers,” he continued. “Hearings should start now. It can’t wait. We won’t let Trump destroy the Post Office.

DeJoy has vehemently denied taking any actions that would harm the ability of the USPS to function as intended.

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