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Attorney General Bill Barr, not comedian Bill Burr, lands major joke at Nancy Pelosi’s expense

But are Americans really in the mood for jokes?

At times, the humor of politicians can be about as misplaced as a rattlesnake in a daycare, no matter how sublimely funny they may be.

This may or may not be one of those times, and perhaps only through the lens of the future will we be able to determine which is the case today.

You see, Attorney General Bill Barr is facing a charge of contempt of Congress, something that lawmakers don’t seem to find much humor in.  The charge could evolve from here, with lawmakers poised to punish the Attorney General for his failure to hand over an un-redacted version of the Mueller report last month.  Heavy fines seem likely but, in the case of further obstinance, Congress hasn’t yet ruled out arresting Barr using the Capitol Sergeant at Arms.

It is this latter punishment that has Bill Barr sounding more like comedian Bill Burr.

Bill Barr did not mince words about his brawl with House Democrats when he ran into Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday on the sidelines of a Capitol Hill event.

According to a source close to the attorney general, Barr approached her in a holding tent after the National Peace Officers Memorial Service and asked whether she had brought her handcuffs.

Last week, when Barr refused to testify for a second day in front of Congress, democratic Congressman Steve Cohen thought he was being quite the jester himself, eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken with a small porcelain rooster beside him…all to imply that Barr was “chicken”.

That attempt at humor was widely panned by late night news hosts and comedians, with notoriously liberal humorist Sarah Silverman called the double chicken stunt a “hat on a hat”.

The real question, however, is whether or not the American people are in the mood for jokes, given the complete dysfunction that we are seeing in Washington today.

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