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Attorney General Voices Concerns for Personal Liberty Amid Virus Pandemic

This is a reassuring thing to hear from the nation’s top cop.

The coronavirus crisis is transforming quickly, before our very eyes, and the only proper way to react to something like this is to overreact.

We can’t take anything lightly here. We don’t know COVID-19 like we know other illnesses and, as such, we need to keep the pressure on and keep the teamwork working.

But, there are righteous concerns about what the world will look like in the weeks ahead, once the imminent threat of this pandemic has passed.  Will some of the luxuries we’ve been afforded remain, like here in Atlanta where restaurants have been allowed to sell alcohol “to go” for the first time as a way of allowing restaurants to remain in business.

More importantly, especially for Americans, will all of our rights come back to us once we’re cleared to return to normal?

This is what keeps Attorney General Bill Barr up at night.

Attorney General William Barr late Wednesday suggested that the federal government in May should begin relaxing some of the “draconian” social distancing restrictions imposed throughout the U.S.

Barr said in an interview with Fox News that the U.S. had to be “very careful” to ensure some of the measures being “adopted are fully justified, and there are not alternative ways of protecting people” amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“I think, you know, when this — when this period of time is — at the end of April expires, I think we have to allow people to adapt more than we have and not just tell people to go home and hide under the bed, but allow them to use other ways — social distancing and other means — to protect themselves,” he said.

And Barr’s not the only one.

Americans across social media have been expressing their concerns over the erosion of their freedom, often paraphrasing Ben Franklin’s well-known anecdote that claims those who hand over their liberty for the sake of security deserve neither.


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