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AWKWARD: Kamala Audience Whiffs on Choreographed Applause Break

The video is hard to watch.

All the world’s a stage, they say, and you think that the redundancy of the concept would have been well ingrained in those among us who seek public office.  But, as we’ve learned rather explicitly during the Biden administration’s tenure, this is simply not true.

In fact, the history buffs among us will appreciate just how gibberish-prone the White House is at the moment.  It will go down in the history books.  This is the era of West Wing gobbledygook and undeniable tone-deafness in the East Wing.

In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris is so out-of-touch with the Democratic audience that her speechwriters are airballing applause breaks.

Following Vice President Kamala Harris’ event with students from historically Black colleges and universities, critics observed the audience initially neglecting to clap for her after she was introduced.

On “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity and his panel — “FOX Across America” host Jimmy Failla, and “Bottom Line” co-hosts Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy — sounded off on the event, focusing further on the vice president’s apparent affection for Venn diagrams.

Hannity characterized the situation as “another blunder-filled day” for Harris, and compared her previous Venn diagram references to a March 2022 event in St. Landry Parish, La., where the vice president spoke repetitiously about the “significance of the passage of time.”

And then…

“The audience had to be reminded to clap for the vice president,” Hannity said. “You really can’t make this up.”

“They still didn’t clap, then it got worse with yet another rant about Venn diagrams,” he added, pointing to other clips of Harris speaking about Venn diagrams.

“I don’t know what she likes better: Venn diagrams or giggling,” Hannity said.

The humiliating moment can be witnessed in all of its cringe-inducing glory below:


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