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Barack Obama Takes to Podcast to Lambast Donald Trump’s COVID Response

The former President was forceful in his criticism of the current occupant of the Oval Office.

You can tell that we’re getting close to the final stages of this infernal 2020 election on account of the “big guns” that have suddenly found themselves front and center in a race they can’t even win.

This week, it’s former President Barack Obama, who first announced that he would be taking to the campaign trail once again to lend a final push to buddy Joe Biden, specifically in the swing states that are necessary to President Trump’s reelection schemes.

But first, Obama made a pitstop on a liberal podcast to throw plenty of shade at the current administration.

“You might not have been happy with everything I did, all my policy choices,” Obama said during an interview on the left-leaning “Pod Save America.”

“I didn’t eliminate poverty in America,” he continued. “But when we had a pandemic or the threat of pandemic, we had competent people in place who would deal with it.”

Obama, who is preparing to head back to the campaign trail on behalf of his former vice president, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with just weeks remaining until the Nov. 3 election, also compared Trump and Biden’s approaches to foreign policy, claiming Trump has never had the “patience” or “focus” to substantially affect international relations.

Oh, there was more.

“Even our enemies can expect us to behave like adults on the international stage,” Obama said. “Over the last four years, it’s not as if Trump has been all that active internationally. I mean, the truth is he doesn’t have the patience and the focus to really substantially change a lot of U.S. foreign policy. What he’s done is, he’s systematically tried to decimate our entire foreign policy infrastructure.”

With only 20 days or so left until the election, some could construe the addition of Obama to the campaign trail as a desperate move by Biden.

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