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Beltway Bars Offer Up Legislatively-Themed Libations as Impeachment Circus Continues

So much for Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that impeachment be a ‘sobering’ experience.

The true and harrowing reality of this impeachment fiasco has been lost on much of the nation.

What they see as merely a dramatic outlet for political frustration is far, far more troubling than that.  We are witnessing Democrats ushering in a new era of Presidential pressure, in which future leaders could find themselves under constant and unending scrutiny during their time in the White House, further stagnating the already poor pace with which our political appointees operate.

The TV networks, too, are having a heyday.  Their coverage will be well-rated, and they will surely be able to gouge their advertisers for prime-time rates, filling their pockets at the cost of the American people.

Outside of the mainstream media, but still solidly within the confines of Washington DC, another impeachment investment is growing as well.

Some Washington D.C. bars offered impeachment-themed drinks, early openings, and public viewings as the country geared up for Day One of the hearings on Capitol Hill Wednesday and the crew of “Fox & Friends” hosts said they wanted in on the action.

At least six bars in the nation’s capital opened their doors at 10 a.m. or earlier to screen the hearings, the Associated Press reported.

Among those open will be Union Pub, which is offering $7 Impeachment cocktails such as “I Got 99 Problems but Impeachment Ain’t One.”  According to their menu, the drink features peach vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, sprite, and lemon.

Other bars, like Hawk ‘n’ Dove on Capitol Hill and Duffy’s Irish Pub, will be offering all-day happy hours, with the latter serving up drinks like “Subpoena Colada” and “James and the Giant Impeachment,” The Hill reports.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has consistently insisted that the impeachment process would be a solemn and “sober” endeavor.

These bars certainly did not get that memo.

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