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Bernie Blasts Bloomberg as Bigot Trying to ‘Buy’ The White House

Bernie sees the Big Apple billionaire’s Deep State torpedoes coming from a mile away.

There’s yet another new battle brewing atop the 2020 Democratic race for the White House, and the squabble has unfortunately turned ugly in its infancy.

After Joe Biden’s sudden, but sadly predictable fall from the frontrunner position, the Democratic Party faces the very real possibility that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders could waltz into the national convention with enough delegates to thwart their hopes of nominating somebody else.

That someone else could very well be former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has already gotten backing from Hillary Clinton in the form of a former top aide, and the rumored possibility that the former First Lady would wind up on the ticket as a VP.

Bernie Sanders seems to be able to see this Deep State torpedo coming from a  mile away, however, and is already firing warning shots in the direction of the Big Apple billionaire.

Sanders, along with guests Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), actor Tim Robbins, and the indie rock band Portugal. The Man, drew a crowd of over 17,000 in Tacoma, Washington, on Monday evening. The presidential hopeful took a moment out of his traditional stump-style speech to send a direct message to his billionaire rival Bloomberg, who is dramatically surging in the polls.

There was no coy subtlety as to who the message was addressed to:

“Today we say to Mayor Bloomberg: we are a democracy, not an oligarchy, you’re not gonna buy this election,” Sanders told the crowd, taking a shot at the former mayor’s record, including what Sanders described as his “racist policies like stop and frisk.”

“We say to Mr. Bloomberg, you are certainly not going to win when you have a record in New York City that included racist policies like stop and frisk which caused communities of color to live in fear and humiliation in New York City,” the presidential hopeful said.

“You’re not going to win an election when you opposed raising the minimum wage,” Sanders said, adding that those who “have billions of dollars” should “not be opposed to raising the minimum wage above $7.25.”

Sanders is fully expected to win big in the Nevada caucuses, which would put him squarely in the Democratic driver’s seat heading ever nearer to Super Tuesday.

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