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Bernie Bros Ready the Champagne as Campaign Begins Touting Likely Win in Iowa

We’ll believe it when we see it.

We all know the old saying “never count your chickens before they hatch”, but perhaps the poultry economy is a bit different when you ascribe to the tenets of democratic socialism.

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont and believer in the power of socialism, is again running uphill toward the White House in 2020.  The Democratic establishment simply can’t stand him, believing that he is far too radical to beat incumbent President Donald Trump in the general election.

Still, Bernie presses on, perhaps to be carried across the finish line by his astonishingly fervent fanbase.

His campaign now believes that they will in fact win the Iowa caucuses – a bold prediction with nearly a week left to go, and with Senator Sanders stuck in the Capitol for the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign has been telling its aides that it expects to win the Iowa caucuses, setting expectations high in the final days leading up to the Feb. 3 contest.

Although the Vermont senator has largely remained in Washington to sit for President Trump’s impeachment trial during the last few weeks, his organizers and campaign staff on the ground in the state remain confident that Sanders’s message has won enough Iowa Democrats over to secure a crucial victory.

During a campaign organizer meeting for staff members and volunteers attended by the Washington Examiner last Friday, leadership explained they no longer believe they need to reach undecided voters. Instead, volunteers were expected to examine data collected by the campaign to target existing supporters and ensure they show up on the day of the caucus.

“I get in trouble when I say this, but I’m confident in a win here in Iowa,” said Sanders’s Iowa co-chairman Stacey Walker in the meeting.

Should Bernie pull out a victory in Iowa, there is little doubt that the Democratic Deep State will ramp up their efforts to thwart him – sending his already violent followers into a fit of rage.

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