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Bernie proposes expansive new Big Government programs as 2020 election looms

More government does not equal less problems…just ask the Founding Fathers.

As much of the nation continues to bristle at the expansion of our government’s power and the wealth of the ruling classVermont Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed giving the feds ever more power over how we live our lives.

Sanders, a proud democratic socialist who was railroaded out of the 2016 race by Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the DNC, is back for more in 2020, attempting once again to reach the Oval Office.  This time around, Sanders has been even more excitable and absurd than 4 years ago, recently claiming that he supports the restoration of voting rights for incarcerated felons – including anti-American terrorists such as the Boston Marathon bomber.

His latest wild policy pontification relays Sanders’ belief that an all-powerful government can somehow save the nation, and came during an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

HAYES: There’s — I want to talk about one part of the plan that I find fascinating which is about how power is generated and distributed. You talk about there’s public — there’s some federal public administration of power in this country based on the Tennessee Valley Authority and others, and basically, you propose essentially a federal takeover of the whole thing that essentially a Tennessee Valley Authority extension for the whole country, right? Am I — am I understanding that correctly?

SANDERS: Yes, that’s — you’re in the ballpark. That’s right. Look, the TVA has done a lot of good work. It produces electricity from hydropower and other sources. What we need to do is have an aggressive federal government saying that we are going to produce a massive amount of electricity from solar and from wind and from other sustainable energies and we will sell it out. And by the way, we’re going to make money doing that.

But you can’t nibble around the edges anymore. We need to transform our energy system. That means a massive increase in sustainable energy.

Given the long and clear history of governments being corrupted in direct proportion to the power that they are given, Sanders’ plan calls into question his grasp on the concept of American sovereignty as a whole.

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