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Bernie Tries Calming Supporters After Pelosi Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral

What paranoia will befall the Sanders faithful next?  

Bernie Sanders knows a thing or two about getting robbed, and his supporters are more than a little but paranoid about the possibility themselves.

The reason being:  Sanders was completely cheated out of the 2016 presidential nomination by Hillary Clinton – a fact made public by the whistleblower organization Wikileaks.  It was Clinton’s financial bailing out of the DNC that netted her the influence needed, and this sent Bernie’s diehard supporters packing.  Clinton would go on to lose to Donald Trump in the general election, after being abandoned by this, the more progressive wing of the party.

Now there are concerns that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to sabotage Sanders’ 2020 chances, specifically by withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate until after the holiday break, and only one month before the Iowa caucuses.  Senator Sanders will now be stuck in the Capitol while Joe Biden, former Vice President and establishment staple, is free to blitz the Hawkeye State.

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Even President Trump made mention of this theory, sending even more of the Bernie Bros into hysterics.

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Now, Senator Sanders is looking to shore up confidence in a unified Democratic Party.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Friday denied President Trump’s declaration that Democrat leaders are “rigging” the primary election against him.

“Let’s be clear about who is rigging what: it is Donald Trump’s action to use the power of the federal government for his own political benefit that is the cause of the impeachment trial,” Sanders said in a statement on Friday.

“His transparent attempts to divide Democrat will not work, and we are going to unite to sweep him out of the White House in November,” he added.

Bernie’s base was miffed at CNN earlier this week, after Sanders was, in their eyes, treated unfairly during a televise debate.

What paranoia will befall the Sanders faithful next?

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