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Bernie’s Troubles Mount as Barack Obama Prepares Opposition Statement

The Democratic party’s civil war is about to go nuclear.

It cannot be denied that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are some of the most rabid political beasts that dwell within our American political ecosystem, and they have been for some time.

The Vermont Senator speaks a great deal about creating a political “revolution”, and his base has noticed.  Just this month, a field organizer for the 2020 Sanders campaign was caught on hidden camera saying that there would be mass violence should Bernie be cheated out of the nomination again.  Then, just days later, another video of another Bernie campaign worker emerged in which the young man intimated that he’d like to see “the rich” subjected to the guillotine.

And we cannot forget that it was a former Bernie campaign worker named James T. Hodgkinson who opened fire on the GOP charity baseball team back in 2017.

So, as Sanders again faces the threat of the Democratic Deep State in this 2020 race, his supporters are growing agitated.  What Barack Obama is pondering might just get their blood boiling.

Obama has told people in private that Sanders is both temperamentally and politicallyunfit to beat Trump in the 2020 general election, these people say. Among his concerns are Sanders’ strident form of politics and confrontational manners where he was known not to seek compromise during his long years in the US senate. Meanwhile, Obama is said to worry that Sanders’ far-left policies, which include massive tax increases, free collegetuition and massive student debt forgiveness, would alienate even traditional Democratic voters. And may alienate them enough to re-elect Trump, who is seeking a second term despite historically low favorability ratings given his own bombastic style, these people tell FOX Business.

With that, Obama is weighing a more forceful rebuke of Sanders as the candidate to lead the Democrats in 2020, according to people who have spoken to the former president. It’s unclear if Obama will name Sanders specifically if he does indeed decide to make a statement or if he will address the matter in more general terms as he did in November. Obama may also decide to remain silent, particularly if Joe Biden, his former vice president, or Warren begin to overtake Sanders in the early primaries and in polling.

Just last week Hillary Clinton blasted Sanders, saying that “nobody likes him”.  Sanders responded by admitting that his wife likes him, but only “on good days”.


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