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Biden Aides’ Disdain for Andrew Cuomo Revealed in New Book

The timing couldn’t be worse for Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo has all the fortune of a man crossed by black cat while dropping a mirror under a ladder.  That is to say that he is just about the unluckiest politician in all of the United States in 2021.

Well, maybe it’s not luck.  This recent turn for the worse in Cuomo’s career is all his own doing.

First, he decided to use nursing homes as overflow facilities during the pandemic.  This turned out predictably terrible, given that the elderly were always at a higher risk for complications from infection.  Then, Cuomo was caught trying to bully folks into covering for him on that decision.

Now, his latest trouble comes in the form of a trio of women, (thus far), who’ve stepped forward to accuse him of grievous and degrading sexual harassment.  This has led to a number of prominent Democrats suggesting that Cuomo may not be fit to govern.

And while Joe Biden himself hasn’t spoken on the subject of the New York Governor, a new book reveals just how those around him felt about Cuomo.

Joe Biden’s aides were furious that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a self-serving video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and asked his camp to redo it — but they refused, a new book says.

“Every four years, Democrats asked themselves the same question about the New York governor and former Housing and Urban Development secretary: ‘How is Andrew Cuomo going to f- – us this time?’’ write the authors of “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency.’’

At the convention four years earlier, Cuomo had jarred on “for double his allotted time,’’ while his team refused to participate in fact-checking sessions beforehand, the book says.

Then last year, when Cuomo “was supposed to use his credibility to explain why Biden had the best plan for dealing with the pandemic,’’ he instead “recorded something of a tribute to himself,’’ write authors Jonathan Allen of NBC News and Amie Parnes of The Hill.

The timing of these revelations couldn’t be any worse for Cuomo, as pressure mounts for him to resign from office.

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