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Biden Bus Highway Drama Plays Directly into Democrats’ Hands

If conservative America wants four more years, they’re going to need to behave for two more days. 

Political enthusiasm is great, and turning that enthusiasm into action, on the ground in swing states, is even better.  But what occurred over the weekend in Texas has likely done more harm than good when it comes to getting President Donald Trump reelected.

On Saturday, video began circulating online that showed a small group of Trump supporters using their vehicles to surround and escort a Biden-Harris campaign bus out of town.  During the incident, two pedestrian vehicles collided, and the Biden campaign decided to cancel their event in a nearby town on account of the escalation.

President Trump retweeted video of incident himself, seemingly condoning the behavior.

But there’s a major problem here that no one seems willing to talk about:  This is precisely the sort of thing that is working against Trump’s reelection.

We can clearly see that President Trump’s campaign advisers are concerned primarily about suburban women at this point in time, with the Commander in Chief calling the all-important demographic out by name at several of his latest rallies.  The reason for the specificity of this targeting is that Trump’s base, while extremely galvanized and loyal, hasn’t brought too many undecided voters into their ranks over the last several months.  In fact, some of the President’s behavior has pushed demographics, like suburban women, back out into the undecided category.

Trump is trying to bring them back in to the mix by promising that the COVID-19 crisis is coming to a close, so that the kids will be back at school, and so that they and their husbands can get back to work.

Trump is counting on the promise of imminent normalcy to bring voters back to him.  This highway hullabaloo does not represent normalcy…not in the least.

And with election stress through the roof, and social media growing ever more concerned with the possibility of a new civil war, every incident that falls outside of what was once considered a “normal” political event could spell trouble for the President’s reelection chances.

If conservative America wants four more years, they’re going to need to behave for two more days.

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