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Biden Continues March to The Left with Comment on ‘Institutional’ Changes

The Democrats want Biden to be everything to everyone, and that’s going to make for a tough road in 2020.

The Democratic Party is employing a scattershot political technique at this moment in history, hoping to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election by making Joe Biden everything to everyone. 

When Biden first arrived in the 2020 conversation, he was an instant game changer.  The Democrats fully believed that the former Vice President would be the perfect candidate to snatch away midwestern moderate voters who may have supporter Donald Trump in 2016 but haven’t been thrilled with some of his more salacious behavior since.

But the Democrats also realize that they need the radical leftist youth vote as well, and have been steadily pushing Biden further into the progressive pit as the campaign rolls on.

His latest lurch to the left has Biden promising “institutional” change to the United States should he be elected.

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a select group of reporters on Monday that he is confident that he will win the election and that America is ready for “systemic” and “institutional” changes that will transform the country.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was invited to participate in Biden’s exclusive Zoom call, and reported:

One had the impression that Biden senses the potential for not only a big win but a unique moment akin to the 1930s. “I do think we’ve reached the point where one of those trite phrases everybody uses . . . it’s a real inflection point in American history and I don’t believe it’s unlike what [President Franklin] Roosevelt [faced].” He continued, “I think we have an enormous opportunity to make some really systemic changes relates to racism but institutional ways in which we handle things And I think the country is really ready.”

It doesn’t get much more progressive than that, and Joe Biden’s team will now have a much harder time convincing the centrists in the Heartland that he’s their guy.

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