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Biden Leaves the Door Open for GOP Running Mate in Desperate Plea to Centrists

This would be quite the gamble…

With only four Democratic candidates inhabiting the so-called “top tier” of the 2020 field, and with a mere five weeks until the Iowa caucuses, there are bound to be some fireworks on the horizon.

Every candidate is pushing to distinguish themselves from one another, in a myriad of desperate maneuvers, and they have succeeded in splitting this upper echelon of would-be nominees into the centrists and the progressives.

On the left, we have Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, both Senators from the northeast with a penchant for some socialism-adjacent ideas.  In the center, we see former Vice President Joe Biden duking it out with the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

Biden, perhaps sensing the nipping at his heels, has made a powerful statement this week in an attempt to capture a key, moderate demographic.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during a Monday campaign event in New Hampshire that he would consider selecting a Republican as his running mate but conceded that he could not name which rival party member he would choose.

Biden raised the prospect of a GOP running mate in response to a supporter warning the 2020 Democrat frontrunner that he will “have to pull out all the stops” to defeat President Donald Trump if he cliches his party’s nomination.

“The answer is I would, but I can’t think of one now,” Biden responded, prompting laughs from some supporters. “No I’m serious, here’s what I mean. Let me explain that,” the 77-year-old continued. “You know, there’s some really decent Republicans that are out there still, but here’s the problem right now… they’ve got to step up.”

Biden then added that there are a “plethora of qualified people,” particularly “qualified women” and “qualified African Americans.”

The former Vice President has been seen as a possible threat to incumbent President Trump in the 2020 general election, particularly when it comes to peeling away midwestern moderates in key states such as Wisconsin.  A VP from the GOP would almost certainly bolster this possibility, but would displace a great deal of support from millennials and other young voters.

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