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Biden make absurd campaign promise regarding fossil fuels

Biden’s statements were characterized as ‘patronizing’ by audience members.

Desperate to distance himself from his competition, 2020 candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden just made an impossible promise to would-be voters.

Biden’s entry into the 2020 fracas rocketed him to the frontrunner position with nary a policy point pontificated upon.  His name recognition was simply enough to place him well ahead of the twenty-some other democrats vying for the Oval Office.

But now, after a series of bizarre gaffes and missteps, several candidates are quickly gaining ground on the one-time sure-thing.  This has sent Biden off the rails with attempts to recapture the lead outright.

His latest proclamation is both desperate and dumbfounding.

Biden took questions from a group in New Castle, New Hampshire, Friday. One woman associated with the environmental group 350 New Hampshire Action, Rebecca Beaulieu, asked Biden how voters can trust him if he continues to associate himself with fossil fuel executives.

“How can we trust that you’re going to act on climate — on the climate crisis — if you’re still attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives are attending?” Beaulieu asked, according to the Daily Mail.

Video shows Biden walking over to the woman, taking her hand, and making a solemn promise to “end fossil fuel … before 2050 God willing.”

“Kiddo. I want you to just take a look, I want you to look into my eyes,” Biden began.

“I guarantee you, I guarantee you, we are going to end fossil fuel, and I am not going to cooperate with them. Before 2050, God willing,” Biden continued, adding that 2030 is not a realistic goal…

His answer did not satisfy the inquisitor.

Beaulieu, 24, said she “wasn’t expecting” that kind of response from Biden and described it as “patronizing.”

“Just a little patronizing, because I want to be an adult at the table when it comes to conversations about climate, and what we’re going to do about it, and I don’t want to be like someone who’s sitting on the sidelines waiting for other people to act,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

Biden’s strange behavior on the campaign trail, along with his vast array of vagaries, have left many democrats thirsty for substance in a race that is already filled to the brim with simple personality.

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