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Biden Staff Shoos Away Reporters Who Asked President Border Policy Questions

Joe Biden is quickly earning himself a new nickname…and he’s NOT going to like it!

Joe Biden is one of several politicians to have been given a nickname by Donald Trump as he unsuccessfully sought to prevent the former Vice President from reaching the Oval Office in 2020:  Sleepy Joe.

The reason for that particular nickname was simple:  Joe Biden is an older politician whose time on the campaign trail was fairly limited, and Trump wanted the nation to believe that this inaccessibility was due to the eventual President’s advanced age.

Now, after 50 days in office, Biden is earning a new nickname – The Invisible President – as he continues to abstain from holding press conferences and sidesteps reporters’ questions at every turn.

This week was no different.

Aides to President Biden hurried the traveling press corps away as they shouted questions at an unresponsive commander in chief in Washington Tuesday — his 48th day in office without holding a solo press conference.

The incident occurred toward the end of a visit by Biden to W.S. Jenks & Son, a hardware store in the nation’s capital that benefited from his temporary extension of the Paycheck Protection Program for smaller businesses.

The scene was s bit frantic.

After quietly watching Biden interact with store owners and employees for about 10 minutes, reporters began shouting a series of questions at him to no avail.

Immediately after, handlers for the 46th president began yelling back assertively, “Come on, press, you gotta go,” as the entire gaggle of reporters was quickly removed from the scene.

Biden, who was standing about 15 to 20 feet away from the press pool, did not flinch or answer a single one of the myriad shouted questions, including one on the burgeoning immigration crisis at the southern border.

The White House blamed Biden’s skittish nature on the fact that he’s battling “historic crises”, but provided no timeline for his first press conference.

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