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Biden Team Sidesteps White House, Receives National Security Briefing

Biden is improvising, and President Trump certainly isn’t going to like it.

As President Trump and his legal team continue to push ahead with their legal challenges to the 2020 election results in several states, Joe Biden’s transition team is in limbo.  They have yet to receive the funding and resources normally afforded to an incoming President, and it doesn’t appear as though the current administration will be looking to cooperate anytime soon on account of the outstanding legal efforts of the Trump team.

Given the unprecedented nature of the situation, Biden and his inner circles are going to extraordinary lengths to get up to speed with the current state of affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and beyond. 

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the hiring of nine senior White House officials, including close confidants from his winning campaign, as he forged ahead with his transition[…]

Biden is also scheduled to receive a national security briefing from experts outside government, given that Trump has blocked the Democrat’s access to administration officials. Trump has no events on his public schedule, as he largely stays out of public view and tweets grievances about the election.

The Trump administration has not only refused to the sign off on the funding usually reserved for the transition team of an incoming President, but has also yet to concede the election, stymying the entire transfer of power process.

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