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Biden Will Seek to Introduce Reparations Under New ‘Unity’ Plan with Sanders

Biden is turning hard to the left in order to capture the youth vote in 2020.

Joe Biden was far from the first choice for many Democrats in 2020, particularly those who hail from the younger demographics.

This radical youth of the party was far more enticed by the promises of Bernie Sanders than the pandering of Joe Biden, and when Biden was seemingly railroaded into the presumptive nominee slot, there were fears of a similar revolt as to what Hillary Clinton experienced back in 2016.  In a tight race, being abandoned by the Bernie Bros would be wholly disastrous, and so Biden’s team have now concocted a plan to keep the far-left Sanders supporter in their camp.

This so-called “unity” plan includes pledges for the two disparate Democrats to work with one another on ways to bring the party together, including via an exploration of the possibility of reparations in this nation.

One of the recommendations unveiled in the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force” proposal involves establishing a commission to examine the impact of slavery and Jim Crow with the end goal of recommending “remedies,” or reparations. The task force refers to the move as a “building block to begin to redress the harms committed against African Americans.”

The unity plan explicitly calls for the passage of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, or H.R. 40, calling it an “important first step” in the scope of the greater “comprehensive agenda for communities of color”:

We recognize that physical security is a precursor to economic security, and that the overpolicing of communities of color, the criminalization of poverty, and historic and ongoing injustices against sovereign Tribal nations contribute to racial gaps in wealth and income. Importantly, too, we recognize the damaging impacts of barriers to generational wealth-building, including the legacy impact of longstanding prejudices in the employment and housing markets, and prioritize closing the racial wealth gap by lowering disparities in employment rates and compensation, health care outcomes, homeownership, and business ownership.

The commission, per the task force recommendation, will serve as the “building block to begin to redress the harms committed against African Americans, including slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow, redlining, and the deliberate exclusion of Black Americans from the benefits of the New Deal, G.I. Bill, and other wealth-building government programs.”

Other goals of the pact include replacing every American school bus with a zero-emissions facsimile and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord on “day one” of a Biden presidency.


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