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Biden’s High-Tech Town Hall Fails Miserably After 40 Minutes

Not a good look for Biden, who needs to prove to the young Democratic base that he and his team are not out-of-touch.

The COVID-19 virus that is currently sweeping across the nation has upended more than a few of our normal routines, and that’s okay.  We are a nation of adaptable folks who can ride out any storm that the universe throws at us.

Of course, the virulent nature of this threat means that mass meetings, pow-wows, and gatherings are all a little too dangerous for everyday life.  For 2020’s political candidates, this has meant that the campaign trail is closed for the time being – at least physically.

In an attempt to work around this precautionary isolation, former Vice President Joe Biden’s team organized a digital town hall of sorts, but it seems that not all of the details were sorted out before it began.

When Breitbart News tuned in, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth was fiddling with her camera phone, at one moment setting it on the table pointed straight up at the ceiling so America could see her light fixture.

A short time later, the text “Senator Dick Durbin” appeared on the otherwise black screen, accompanied by the wails of a baby in the background.

At 6:19, a moderator announced Durbin, who wasn’t visible. He introduced Biden, who appeared before American and Illinois flags.

Biden began speaking, but there was no audio. Then suddenly, Durbin appeared in a separate screen holding a small child.

And it got progressively worse.

Biden seemed to be reading from a teleprompter, but the broadcast suffered from severe tech issues, as Biden’s words were caught in a feedback loop, muddying the whole presentation and making the candidate nearly indecipherable.

Biden tossed it to former Obama Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who offered hygiene recommendations.

It then went back to Biden, who took questions. But when the campaign sorted out Biden’s audio issues, he never appeared on screen again.

The entire unfortunate affair ended at 6:43pm after Biden himself was forced to apologize for just how “disjointed” the effort was.

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