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Biden’s Latest Allegations Marr His Record of Fighting Campus Sexual Abuse

Even Biden’s former allies are beginning to question his commitment to the cause.

To put it politely, former Vice President Joe Biden has found himself in a pickle.

The longtime democratic politician has recently been accused by at least seven women of inappropriate sexual contact, running the gamut from unwanted whispering in the ears of his victims to forcing women to rub noses with him in a bizarre “Eskimo kiss”.  While this behavior was well known through a plethora of viral videos depicting the acts, these latest allegations have brought the roof down on Biden.

The former Vice President is almost certainly going to be running for President in 2020, and the timing of these accusations is likely no accident.  There were even rumors, now dispelled, that democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders was behind some of it.

This scandal has not only thrown a wrench into the former VP’s 2020 plans, but has also tainted what was one an honorable distinction among activists who formerly touted Biden as a champion against campus sexual assault.

“I think it puts them in a very difficult position, politically,” said Carrie Baker, a Smith College professor and author of “The Women’s Movement Against Sexual Harassment.” “They’re already dealing with a politically hostile environment. And you have to count your allies, and you have to balance critiquing your allies to fighting your enemies.”

“I can’t thank him or love him enough for those policy positions and his advocacy,” said Caroline Heldman, an Occidental College professor who’s written a book called “The New Campus Anti-Rape Movement.” “But he has definitely worked against his purported values and the advancement of women when he routinely engages in invasive and unwanted touch.”

Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy for 2020 – a move that may have been postponed while his team looks to tidy up the current scandal.

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